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■Chikyu Kids Environmental Network
Mankind faces serious environmental problems as it enters the 21st century.In light of this,people will have to make personal choices in lifestyle and business based on global environmental preservation as a priority.
Especially in the fields of environmental for children,the enrichment of curricula and general promotion have become vital issues of concern.
Today's children will bear the responsibility of the next generation,and our hope is to raise these citizens of the earth to live with respect for the global environment.
To encourage them carry out environmental activities on their own ,we are developing environmental learning programs rooted in the life of local communities,as well as training community leaders and citizens to be involved in the activities.

Through the intiative of Nishinomiya City,Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children(LEAF) was estanblished in 1998 as a partnership-based organization among citizens,businesses and the municipal government.

LEAF promotes:
Partnership among citizens,businesses and governmental agencies;
Respect for diverse senses of values and viewpoints;
Cultivating "self-education ability"on the home,school and community levels.
Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children
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