LEAFLearning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children
Promoting Community-based Environmental Learning Activities

Earth Watching Club Nishinomiya, Japan
invites you to participate in
the 22th Eco-Panel Exhibition
February 25-March 1, 2015
Nishinomiya Municipal Gallery
Nishinomiya City, Japan

This exhibition is co-organised by the following organisations:Nishinomiya City/Nishinomiya Board of Education/Nishinomiya City Environmental Sanitation Council/Nishinomiya City International Association,Nishinomiya Community Association/Nishinomiya Junior Chamber/Nishinomiya Nature Conservation Society/Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children (LEAF)

Dear Friends,

Earth Watching Club (EWC) is a community-based environmental learning project funded by the city of Nishinomiya, Japan. There are 29,300 schoolchildren who are participating. We take many kinds of "Eco-Actions" on a daily basis to make our community a better place not just for ourselves, but for all the people and creatures on the Earth -- for generations to come.

We know our planet is filled with like-minded young people who care about our environment, our cultures, our peace and our future.

This is an annual exhibition providing an opportunity for young people, both from Japan and overseas, to present their opinions, research, projects and activities on local and global environmental issues. We receive so many exciting works every year from Japan and overseas, from tiny, little craftworks to wall-size presentations on various environmental projects. We treat each and every work equally and present them ALL at the gallery.

So, let's share our visions, and make our voices heard!

Well, this sounds quite interesting... but how do I participate??
Oh, it's easy! Just read the details below and send us your presentation

THEME: What themes/activities interested you most in your local environment this year?
What happened concerning the environment in your community this year? What kinds of activities did you enjoy doing? Air Pollution, Climate Change, Human Rights, Water, Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Food, Peace, Waste and Recycling and so on... Please send in any project, research, activity or study report YOU THINK is related to local and global environmental issues that interested you most this year.

WHO can apply? --- All Earth Lovers!
Any group or individual who is involved in studies or activities related to ecology and environmental issues is invited to take part in this exhibition. NO AGE LIMIT, either. As long as you consider yourself to be a youth member of your community, you are all welcome!

WHAT is the project size and medium? --- Be Creative!
Participants are free to choose any medium they wish to use for their presentations. Some ideas you might try are... wall-size newspaper, photography, video, drama, handicraft, drawing, newsletter, poster, written composition...Create your presentation in any medium that suits your ideas and imagination!
There is only one limitation, though; language... All works will be presented in English and Japanese.
If you are submitting your work in any other language, please provide an easy English (or Japanese) translation.

WHEN to submit? --- No later than December 20, 2014!
Your work will be translated into Japanese by our citizen volunteer translators for presentation.
In order to give us enough time for the translation job, please send in your work as early as possible.
Mark the date on your calendar so you won't miss it!

WHERE to submit?
Please send your work by
post, fax, or e-mail to the address below:

EWC (Earth Watching Club)
c/o LEAF office
1-8-1 Kofuen, Nishinomiya, Hyogo
662-0832 JAPAN

tel: +81-798-69-1185 fax: +81-798-69-1186
email: kodomo@leaf.or.jp

Download the application form
to attatch with your work.

(pdf format, 11kb) (
word format, 29kb)

The Eco-Panel Exhibition is interactive!
You will receive comments and messages from the visitors at the Exhibition!
All the visitors at the Exhibition will have a chance to let you know what they thought about your work. They will make comments and write messages to you at the message corner. We will translate all the messages into English and send it to you.

Your participation will be recognised with
a Letter of Appreciation from the Mayor of Nishinomiya City, and
a Small Token from EWC, as well as
Messages from Visitors at the Eco-Panel Exhibition!!

Please note that your work will not be returned and will remain in the organizer archive.

A bit about LEAF...
Through the initiative of Nishinomiya City, Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children (LEAF) was established in 1998 as an organisation based on partnership among citizens, businesses and the municipal government. Earth Watching Club (EWC) is managed under this foundation. Our aim is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by initiating community-based environmental learning activities at schools and in local communities, in liaison with various civic groups, corporations and government agencies. We hope our activities will target a wide range of citizens with a focus on youths and children, to raise the global citizens who act responsibly towards the global environment.